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Whether you prefer a large garden window in their kitchen or find comfort in a sliding window in their living room, Window World of Lexington has the window that best suits your needs.

Choose Energy Savings. Choose Curb Appeal.
Let's Upgrade Your Windows

Our Featured Products

Explore our window options to discover the best fit for your space.

Double-Hung Windows

These windows have two separate sashes which both slide vertically, providing maximum airflow and comfort.

Sliding Windows

Functioning much like patio doors, these options can slide open, letting in optimum sunlight and fresh air.

Casement Windows

Modern and functional, these windows hinge at the side and swing outwards like a door.

Bay & Bow Windows

Extending towards the outside, bay and boy windows increase your viewing space and allow more natural light into your home.

Awning Windows

Flexibility at its finest. Awning windows not only swing open and out, but also downward.

Garden Windows

Want to add something unique to your kitchen? Garden windows are a three dimensional way to display potted herbs and plants right where you cook!

Custom Windows

Looking for customization? Create a unique look with our geometric-shaped windows.

Benefits of Windows from Window World

A wide range of window style allow you to customize your space
Enjoy savings on your utility bills with energy-efficient choices
Our professionally trained team is here to install your windows
No matter you budget we offer convenient financing options
We include a best-in-class Limited Lifetime Warranty

About Our Replacement Windows

In the South, summers can get sweltering and winters can be chilly. Our glass windows are thick enough to ensure maximum insulation and comfortability, because we know how important it is to be comfortable at home, no matter the season.

And when you’re busy enjoying the comfort of your space, who has time for tedious upkeep? Our windows are made from high quality materials that require little maintenance on your part.

At Window World of Lexington, you can expect gorgeous and strong windows for an affordable price. We pride ourselves in offering the best products and service to our Kentucky customers.

Why You Should Invest In Energy-Efficient Windows

Window World of Lexington offers a variety of energy-saving glass options that can help you cut down on your monthly energy bill. Our windows feature Low-E glass, which ensures less air leakage and more insulation. That means more energy efficiency for your home and big savings over time.

Why Energy-Efficiency Matters